According to Variety, e-tailer IndiePix yesterday release software that they hope will "change the way indie pics are distributed." By downloading the Disc Factory software, consumers will be able to not only download movies to their desktops, but also burn those movies to DVD, thus freeing them (legally) to watch downloads via a traditional system (aka DVD player and TV) for the first time. Though the number of titles available to buy under this new system is only about 50 right now, IndiePix hopes to double that number by the end of the month. In addition, the company reports that they will be keeping just 20-25% of the $15 it costs to download a feature; their goal, they say, is not profit but "to be a positive force in the [independent] film biz."

What's odd about this whole thing is that the people at IndiePix are excited enough about the Download-to-Own initiative to either send out a press release or actually call Variety (yesterday afternoon), and yet as of this morning, their website shows no signs that the program even exists. So, either you have to accidentally click on one of the 50 participating films to find out about it, or they've changed their minds and scrapped the whole thing. What's really going on is anybody's guess.