Word on the street is that Vin Diesel is all worked up about making some sequels to his towering, $110 million disaster, The Chronicles of Riddick. In a rather endearing interview with Coming Soon, Diesel explains that Riddick was always supposed to be a trilogy - a sort of Lord of the Rings to Pitch Black's Hobbit, if you will. "I wrote a storyline, essentially, that covered three pictures, so where Riddick goes in the next two pictures is already mapped out. It's not in script form, but it is being all developed, and it is going to surface when you least expect it." The problem, however, is that Universal still holds the rights to the character and, since they still haven't made any money off of Riddick, it's awfully unlikely that they're going to make a sequel - as we've learned, it's profit that makes studios blind to crap, not outright stupidity. (As a general rule, at least. Stupidity had to have been at least partially responsible for Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.) Essentially, then, when Diesel says "when you least expect it," he probably means "never." Poor Vin.

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