Looks like the discord in the Middle East will be resolved in a matter of days, now that Sharon Stone is on the case. Stone is in Israel on a "mission to support peace and help children", according to former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres, who appeared with Stone at a press conference. Stone playfully suggested she would "kiss just about anyone for peace in the Middle East", but when reporters egged her on to kiss Peres, she laughingly turned them down. I don't know about you, but I'll certainly sleep better at night after this bit of news.

Stone, apparently taking a page from Angelina Jolie's book (and, you know, not thinking at all about promoting Basic Instinct 2, which opens at the end of this month), will spend her five-day tour visiting a series of projects for children and "peace-mediating activities", playing soccer with Israeli and Palestinian kids, and visiting Palestinian kids in a hospital. I guess it's a good thing for celebs to put their famous faces behind causes, but really - does anyone think Sharon Stone is going to broker peace in the Middle East with a five-day visit? I guess I'd feel more warmly toward celebs who take on causes if they didn't go on peace missions with a coterie of photogs following them around taking shots of them visiting with sick kids and schmoozing with politicians. What do you think of celebs and pet causes? Do you pay more attention to an issue if a celeb promotes it? Are you more likely to donate or get involved in a humanitarian cause because a hot movie star says it's worthwhile?

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