Plenty of movie stuff going on in the City by the Bay this weekend. Want proof?

Let's start with the closing weekend of Cinequest down in San Jose, with a special screening of Edmond on Saturday afternoon with star William H. Macy in attendance. Considering Edmond's subject matter -- howling fury, brute racism, personal self-destruction -- it's a safe bet there'll be some walkouts by Palo Alto society types who came to see "the funny man from Seabiscuit."

Also, there's the San Francisco Irish Film Festival at The Roxie all weekend, including a special night of 'Irish Horror.'

Tickets are on sale for the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, as well -- with films like Eve and the Firehorse making their San Francisco debut.

The Castro
is showing Plan 9 from Outer Space, god help us all. And The Red Vic has Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, just in case you wondered who the potty-mouth pixie hosting the ISA's was.

For more info, follow the links .. and see you at the movies.

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