First it was "leaked" stills on the internets, and those quickly turned into "unofficial" and "behind-the-scenes" footage from all the movies that the kids really want to see. Now, however, the whole viral marketing thing is officially out of control: Paramount has released a trailer promoting the iTunes release of behind-the-scenes footage, which in turn is promoting the theatrical release of Jack Black and Jared Hess's Nacho Libre. Got all that?

Starting March 15, a series of "confessionals" recorded by Black during the filming of Nacho Libre will become available at iTunes; each week for two and a half months, a pair of installments will be released. Based on the trailer and knowing Black, the confessionals are sure to be both completely useless and incredibly funny, not to mention packed with shots of him clad only in tights. So, if you're into that sort of thing (I know I am), get fired up: only six more days until the first one drops.
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