Hey guess what, kids - another sequel's on the way! Who could have guessed? Today's feature will be take two, at least as played by Pierce Brosnan. According to a report in Variety, ex-Bond #5 is already on board for the movie, though the presence of his hot co-star Rene Russo is not assured. Now, here's where the story gets weird: word on the street is that the sequel is going to be called The Topkapi Affair. If that strange word sounds familiar, it's because there was a wonderful heist flick made in 1964 by that name - and it appears that Topkapi is going to be the "inspiration" for The Thomas Crown Affair, part 2.

So it's come to this, has it? A sequel to a remake that's also a remake? Seriously? I mean, I actually sort of love the Brosnan version (that, along with my weakness for Sabrina, is my secret remake shame), but this is truly pathetic. I'd say we should boycott, but I'm not convinced anyone will even want to go. By the time the movie comes out, it'll be almost a decade since the success of the "original" - that's an awfully long time to expect us to hold onto our affection for anything, let alone a movie character.
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