Before I begin, like the uncensored Basic Instinct 2 trailer we told you about awhile back, the scene linked to in this post is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work). It could also be classified as NSIFOSO (Not Safe In Front of Significant Other) or NSFATWG (Not Safe For Afternoon Tea with Grandma). Got it? You've been warned.

While our tipster claims this scene was somehow leaked onto the internet or what have you, it's pretty obvious the folks behind marketing Basic Instinct 2 are throwing some unbelievably graphic scenes from the movie out there now in an attempt to get people to show up to the theater. Sex sells, right?

According to our tipster, this is just one of a few scenes deleted from the theatrical version that will sneak online in the coming days. So, if you're at all curious to see what they would leave out of a Basic Instinct flick (Think: Three people playing Monopoly, only without the game and everyone is naked) then feel free to dive right in. Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addition hits theaters on March 31st. 

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