Okay, a ton of Casino Royale stuff popped up online and, like me, I know you're probably itching for more Bond. First up, the BBC has posted the first footage from the set, featuring behind-the-scenes clips of Daniel Craig kicking ass, shots of the new bulked-up Bond on a beach in the Bahamas, as well as the boy's bad-ass stunt training.

Since the quality of that footage isn't brilliant, you may want to check out ExtraTV's visit for another behind-the-scenes look alongside interviews with the cast. Unfortunately for those of us (quietly raises hand) holding onto that rumor about Daniel Craig and a certain little full frontal scene, the actor squashed the idea by saying it would hinder the rating of the film. Darn! And about those savages petitioning for Craig's removal as the next James Bond? Well, the actor says that if they still feel the same way after the film, well, then "screw em!"

Finally, The Sun published the first official publicity stills for Casino Royale. You can check out a scanned pic of the entire page here, while you can go here, here and here for closer looks.

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