Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon has decided to trade in her Oscar glory for a job as a pizza delivery girl. The actress is currently in London where she's co-producing and co-starring in Penelope alongside Christina Ricci. The film itself appears to be some sort of modern day fantasy fable in which a girl (Ricci) attempts to break away from a family curse on a search for love and happiness.

With production starting later this month, Reese Witherspoon has signed up for driving lessons because, well, driving around London on a bike with pizza strapped to the back is kind of freaking her out. Here's the best part: After said lessons, our Best Actress will be tagging along with some regular old pizza delivery guy so that he can teach her the ropes.

Here's my question: Knowing Witherspoon is reportedly making upwards to $30 million for her role in Our Family Trouble, should she show up to your house with a pizza pie, do you tip her? And if so, how much? If it's less than $10 million, do you think she'd clock you over the head with a golden statue? Oh, and if there's something wrong with your pizza, would have to go through her publicist for a refund?