London-born Irishman Martin McDonagh is best known as the playwright behind The Pillowman and The Beauty Queen of Leenane, both of which have won accolades world-wide. Last Sunday, however, McDonagh's byline changed a bit: he's now an Oscar winner, too. Having always been inspired by cinema, he picked up a camera last year and made Six Shooter, a little picture that just happened to win him a gold man for best live-action short - not to mention a deal for his first feature.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Focus Features has agreed to both produce and distribute McDonagh's full-length debut. The film, entitled In Bruges, tells the story of two hitmen who, after accidentally killing a child (hate it when the happens), hide out in Bruges, Belgium. Oh, and the screenplay? McDonagh wrote it. Yeah, he's one of those freaks of nature who is so talented that just reading about him leaves 95% of humanity with significantly diminished self-esteem. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat some paste.