13 (Tzameti) is the latest Sundance hit to be acquired for American distribution: Palm Pictures just bought the theatrical and home entertainment rights to the film, which won both the Sundance Jury Prize for best dramatic feature and the De Laurentiis Award for best first film at Venice last fall. Described by Palm's head of acquisitions as "a mix of Rififi, Man Bites Dog and Fight Club" that "should become a cult classic," the thriller tells the story of a builder (played by the director's brother) who accidentally gets involved with gangsters, and finds himself caught up in "a deadly underground game of Russian roulette."

Based entirely on Kim's Sundance review of the film, I've been waiting for this news since the festival wrapped - it's great to hear. What's not so great, however, is Screen Daily's report that "numerous US producers are buzzing for remake rights." Sigh. (Or, as Kim said when I told her the news, "Bad, BAD producers. Back away from the film!") Well, at least Palm's release window (they plan to have the movie in theaters this fall) is such that the original will be on screens before the inevitable remake drops.