Stan Lee is on the move. Working through his newest company, Pow! Entertainment, Lee is ambitiously planning several major projects for the coming year. To start, his franchise will roll out an entire new cast of characters - although not primarily for comics as many would expect. In fact, according to Lee, comics are the last item on the slate right now. That's not to say that Pow! won't produce comic books, Lee notes, it just means that they aren't its priority. The new characters are, in fact, for a lineup of television, film, and video game properties. First in line for Pow! will be two direct-to-DVD animated films; The Condor (which promises to feature a Latino superhero) and Mosaic, which will focus around a shape shifter of some sort. In addition, there's an animated DVD in the works featuring former Beatle Ringo Starr. The film will feature Ringo's voice in a humor-focused adventure in which his character gains super powers.

Pow! Entertainment has also recently wrapped production on Lightspeed, a feature film made specifically for the Sci Fi Channel which - surprise, surprise - features a dude who can run really, really fast. Lee says that two more film projects are underway, at varying stages of development.  He further reports that Pow! is in discussions with New Line Cinema and Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez to put together some sort of project which will involve both a film and video game spin offs.
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