Today's 'graphic novel gets licensed by major movie studio for movie rights' story comes to you straight from the ever-active folks over at Paramount Pictures. Paramount has licensed the rights to Duncan Rouleau's novel Nightmarist, which - if you want to get technical - is only shipping to retail (at a reasonably priced $14.99) this week. Despite the fact the "one hundred and eighty page black-and-white saga of paranoia and haunted reveries" hasn't had the chance to build a real fan base yet, Paramount is excited about its potential. As a matter of fact, not only have they optioned it, they've already got a first draft script written. Ambition, thy name is Paramount.

Rouleau is a well known figure; he's worked on plenty of comic projects, theBen 10cartoon series, and the X-Men Legends video game. The book, for what it's worth, looks pretty fun - I intend on checking it out eventually. If you visit the Active Images site, you can check out a nine page preview.

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