Well, this is odd - The Prestige hasn't even hit theaters, and yet there's another magician movie about to go into production. Based entirely on the news that The Great Buck Howard was just fully financed, it would be appear that magicians just might be Hollywood's next penguins (which works out remarkably well, given how similarly they dress and everything). Howard, based on a script by the film's director, Sean McGinly, is a comedy about a fading superstar magician who hires a new, eager assistant; understandably, the assistant's father is less than happy with his son's career choice.

Already cast as the assistant is Colin Hanks (who was inexplicably charming in the generally crappy Get Over It) and his father will be played by Forrest himself, Tom Hanks. Oh wait - I get it! It's his real dad! Playing his dad! Why, that's fantastically clever! Sigh. In negotiations to play the magician is Kevin Kline, whose presence would raise the film's potential rather dramatically - for some reason, the thought of him playing a washed-up and, presumably, grumpy magician makes me think of Soapdish, which is a very good thing.

The movie starts filming this summer in New York.
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