Ever since I first heard about its existence, the mere mention of Disney's Wild Hogs had the power to transfix me with horror. Set to star the dream team of Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and John Travolta, the movie tells the heartwarming story of "A group of middle-aged wannabe bikers look for adventure out on the open road, where they soon encounter a chapter of the Hells Angels." I mean, honestly. How could anyone at Disney possibly read that summary and actually think "Why, I think we've got a winner"?

Though the law apparently prevents the public from suing studios to prevent them from making bad films, the Hells Angels may have found just the loophole we need: trademark violation! According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in California, "the characters in the movie are identified as members of the [Hells Angels] club and wear [their] logos," thus infringing on the group's trademark rights. While there is the small issue of the club perhaps never having seen a script (which makes their confidence about how the movie looks a little suspect), the mere suggestion that Wild Hogs could be stopped makes this thrilling news indeed.
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