If you've had your ear to the rumor mill lately, you've no doubt heard the latest crazy assertion from the Bat Cave. Sometime late this week the story began circulating that Hugh Jackman would join his fellow Prestige conspirators Michael Caine and Christian Bale (not to mention director Christopher Nolan) in the upcoming Batman sequel. The rumors apparently started when Hugh Jackman appeared on an Australian television show - an ambitious listener believed he heard Jackman mention that his next project would be the Batman sequel.

Exciting though this news may be, in all likelihood it is quite false. Batman on Film pulled their considerable resources to get to the bottom of the story, and are being told by every insider they know that the Jackman isn't in any plans for Batman. However, several Aussies have written in to the site to confirm the original quote, for whatever that is worth. My money is still on "not a chance."
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