Here is an interesting look into some planning done by Bryan Singer before he left the X-Menfranchise. JoBlo is currently displaying what they claim are Sentinel maquettes created by production designer Guy Dyas on the order of Singer himself. According to the information given to JoBlo, these early models were created for a possible Sentinel appearance in the X2 movie - which obviously did not happen. It has also been speculated that Singer was perhaps looking down the road to further X-Men projects when he commissioned these models, before he decided to leave for greener pastures.

It is quite likely that Ratner started from scratch when imagining his version of Sentinels, but who knows; perhaps, these models were eventually adopted by Ratner and company? The famous Sentinels are expected to finally make their appearance in the third film.  At any rate, the early maquette models are pretty nifty looking.
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