When I reported on Friday about Palm Pictures' purchase of the distribution rights to French thriller 13 (Tzameti), I also mentioned the deeply irritating rumors that American studios were interested in remaking the film. Then, about 24 hours later, a report appeared on a Turkish website that the remake rights had been secured by a company called Plan B Entertainment.

While most of us don't know Plan B from Adam, the fact that the company's owners are Brad Grey and a guy named Brad Pitt (it seems that Jennifer Aniston sold her shares) will undoubtedly make this news very exciting for some. Given Plan B's somewhat mixed track record, however (A Million Little Pieces isn't working out so well right now), there's no guarantee that their possible remake would be either watchable or, more importantly for his fans, star Pitt himself (though Plan B did produce Troy and the forthcoming The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford).

All of that said, however, the fact that this report has appeared in a single, possibly dubious publication means that we ought to wait for confirmation before either flying into a collective rage or doing a dance of joy (depending on our feelings about Pitt and remakes).
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