I decided to see Crazy Again at SXSW because I was intrigued by the idea of Zalman King making a documentary about Dale Watson. King has directed movies such as the 1990 "erotic thriller" Wild Orchid and an adaptation of Anais Nin's Delta of Venus; co-wrote 9 1/2 Weeks; and created the Red Shoe Diaries TV series. I didn't quite understand what inspired him to shoot a film about an Austin country-and-western musician.

As King explains in the movie, he had been in Austin researching potential musician-actors to star in his film Austin Angel, met Watson, and decided he was an ideal casting choice. To learn more about Watson, King joined one of his band's tours through the South, and brought along a digital video camera.

Driving from town to town, Watson and his road manager Donnie tell King the story about Watson's girlfriend Terry, who died in a car accident. Shortly after hearing the news, Watson "went crazy" for a weekend. Afterwards, he mourned Terry by writing songs about her. Everyone assumed he was dealing with her death normally.