Oscar-winning actress Maureen Stapletondied today at the age of 80. Stapleton was nominated for Supporting Actress Oscars  three times - in 1959 for Lonelyhearts, 1970 for Airport, and 1978 for Woody Allen's Interiors, before finally winning the prize in 1982 for Reds. In her Oscar-winning performance, Stapleton played left wing anarchist-writer Emma Goldman, a journalist who covers the Bolshevik revolution. 

Stapleton was nominated for multiple Emmys, with a win in 1967 for Among the Paths to Eden. She also found success in theater, earning Tony Awards for her role as Serafina Delle Rose in Tennessee Williams' The Rose Tattoo, and again in 1971 for her role in Neil Simon's The Gingerbread Lady.

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