Quinceañera, which won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award (in addition to being one of Kim's favorites) at this year's Sundance, has been picked up for North and Latin American distribution by Sony Pictures Classics. Though the rights to the film sold almost immediately at the European Film Market, it took a little longer for a deal to firm up in the US, despite the fact that multiple buyers were reportedly interested in the film from the beginning. It's been suggested that the delay stemmed from concerns about the accessibility of the film's dialogue, which is in both English and Spanish but, to their credit, SPC got over their fears and took the plunge.

Quinceañera - described by an SPC rep as "that rare film that perfectly and gracefully captures the uniqueness of a culture while also reflecting on the evolution of our society" - tells the story of a young, Mexican-American girl who discovers she is pregnant just as her family is planning her 15th birthday celebration, or Quinceañera. The film features several non-professional actors, and was reportedly inspired by people the film's directors know in their Echo Park neighborhood (where the movie is set).