Though it's long been assumed that project creator and developer Jan Pinkava (whose Geri's Game won an Oscar for best short film) would direct Ratatouille for Pixar, it was revealed at a Disney shareholders meeting on Friday that Brad Bird will in fact be at the helm. Since Bird is the genius who made The Incredibles, this is fantastic news (sorry, Jan) - the only negative is that it means a delay in the rumored Incredibles sequel.

Ratatouille is the story of "a skinny mouse who lives in a fancy Parisian restaurant run by a famous but eccentric chef." Because of his rather posh home, the rat "fancies himself a gourmand," which gives us possibly the greatest plot summary of all time. The Disney suits got a sneak peek at a completed clip of the film, but so far, no one's talking - hopefully somebody had a camera phone out, and will soon be uploading the footage to YouTube.

The movie, which is due out on June 29, 2007, will be the first Pixar feature wholly owned by the company; the previous seven - including Cars - were all made under their old deal with Disney.
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