It's been widely known lately that Joss Whedon has been turning much of his recent time towards his work on the Wonder Woman script in an effort to get the project into the next stage of development. In a recent interview with Sci Fi Wire, Whedon indicated his efforts are nearing an end, and that he expects to have a script in place very soon - "I'm probably going to turn it in in a few days." He said to expect much of the standard Wonder Woman paraphernalia, the bracelets, the invisible jet, the lasso, etc. According to Whedon, he'd like to see production begin on the project sometime this year, but when asked about casting he (fairly) said that it was too early to begin speculation. Whedon also shrugged off a question about further installments of his canceled Serenity franchise.

I can't claim to be particularly excited for the Wonder Woman film - she never managed to impress me any more or less than your standard superhero - but I'm typically in favor of staying as true to character as possible, so I'm glad to hear that Joss is planning on including the primary icons of the the DC character. Now we'll just wait to learn how good (or bad) of a script he's put together.
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