According to Variety, Joel Silver and Lynn Harris (who happens to be an executive vice president at Warner Brothers) were sitting around chatting one day about the kind of movie they'd like to remake. Because, you know, there really aren't enough remakes being made these days. "Gee, Lynn," said Silver, "I'd love to do a new version of The Dirty Dozen!" "Holy crap, Joel!", replied Harris. "I think we own the rights to the original - let's turn that mother out!" Or something like that.

So, basically, we have the friendship of Silver and Harris to blame for this one. Silver will be producing the film, which is going to be SO EPIC that it needs three writers: André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum, who both worked on Alias, and Scott Rosenberg will huddle together, trying to write a movie that's already been written. Co-producer Susan Downey claims that their version will be modernized, and "a high-testosterone, fun, big movie." Oh boy - fun and big? Why, I can hardly wait!
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