Monday's odds and ends:
  • Nick Nolte's knees (or one of them, anyway) are apparently so bad that he can't even act on them. According to Variety, due to an old knee injury he's been replaced in the cast of Pride and Glory by the much scarier - and, it would appear, more ambulatory - Jon Voigt. The movie is the story of a multi-generational family of cops; Nolte is no longer their patriarch.
  • Also injured is Jon Heder, who fractured an ankle trying to ice skate on the set of Blades of Glory. Yeah, it's dangerous! That'll teach you people to make fun of Johnny Weir. It's hoped, however, that Heder won't have to be replaced. This is good because, while it's pretty hilarious to think about Will Farrell on ice skates by himself, it's even funnier when you picture Heder skating past him.
  • Penetration, David Ignatius' thriller about spying in the Middle East, was acquired by Warner Brothers earlier this year. It was hoped that Ridley Scott would direct (he will), but until recently, the film had no writer and therefore was a very low priority for the director. The studio revealed last night, though, that they have hired William Monahan, who previously worked with Scott on both Kingdom of Heaven and the forthcoming Tripoli, to pen the screenplay. Also, since it's going to be hard for the target teenage boy audience to say the title of this movie without giggling, I think it needs to be changed to something safely un-suggestive. Like, say, Mmm...Spies.
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