Rosario Dawson, who admits to enjoying her increased popularity in the geek scene since her role in Sin City, is naturally excited to return to the franchise as soon as possible. This seems to be a prevailing sentiment among the various persons involved with Sin City - from the directors and actors down to the fans. Dawson recently suggested that Robert Rodriguez has his eyes on Angelina Jolie (a rumor that has floated around previously), and that part of the reason for the delay of the movie's sequel may be Jolie's pregnancy. Dawson said "The film's been kind of postponed because Robert has been interested in Angelina Jolie for the lead, but she's very pregnant right now. So that's putting an understandable hold on the film."

This makes sense, if it is as true as Dawson seems to think it is - although to be honest, it doesn't feel like it has been a painfully long wait yet. Sequels always seem to take some time in getting their legs underneath them; and given that Frank Miller wanted to write new material for the film, a delay was already expected. Of course, I feel like any fan does regarding a sequel ... the sooner the better, as long as quality is maintained.
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