Partizan, the production company behind Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep, is offering a short clip from the film on their website. After watching it, my primary reaction was "Uh, what?" The White Stripes are blaring, and some crazy animated crap is happening in what looks like a window. Plus, there's a tape player that looks just like the one I used to have in my room. Gael García Bernal is waving his arms around and apparently causing some destruction in the window-world. Meanwhile, three people dressed in 70s clothing bow behind him, and then laugh. Sometimes. And boy, do they like it when the animation turns in a little construction scene! Needless to say, taken on its own, this clip would NOT send me running to the theater. After reading Karina's review of the film from Sundance, however, I watch it again and loved it - when viewed with what little context the film can be bothered to provide, the scene suddenly makes a charming kind of sense. So, if you're not familiar with the film? Read the review, THEN download the clip.

Since the clip is in the form of a podcast, one hopes that this is just the first in a series of sneak looks at the film, which will be released in the US in August.

[via Filmmaker Blog]