The reports last week that zillions of cities not in Texas were pursuing the production of the Dallas movie was a sure sign that the thing is actually going to be made sometime in the near future - but who really care where it is? The masses want to know who's going to be in it, dammit, and we want to know now! And today, because 20th Century Fox really cares about the little people, they've thrown us some surprisingly encouraging casting bones.

First of all, the big one: JR Ewing is not going to be played by either Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson, both of whom reportedly were interested in the role. Instead, it'll be everyone's second-favorite Scientologist, John Travolta, throwing on the hat and the grin. Despite the fact that I'm very much not a Travolta fan, I think this is a great idea - the man can bring the sleazy charm. Poor Sue Ellen? Oh, that's Miss Jennifer Lopez. Again, awesome. Though JLo has let me down time and time (and time) again since Out of Sight, it really seems like she's perfect for this role - I mean, just picture her for a second, drink in hand, looking pissed. See? Wrapping up the Ewing family will be Shirley MacLaine as Miss Ellie, and Wilson #1 (that's Luke to you) as Bobby.
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