It seems Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and his film pal director Guillermo del Toro have chosen to follow in the vein of Sin City creator Frank Miller and write up some new material for their Hellboy sequel. In a recent comments, Del Toro has indicated that while the film will stay true to the elements of the comic books (which is easy to imagine, since Mignola is heavily involved), it will not be based on already existing story lines. Del Toro seems to have made this known to counter statements made earlier by actor Ron Pearlman, who had recently told media outlets the new film story would be based on parts of Mignola's comics. Del Toro insists this is not the case, stating Ron "took a few liberties with the facts." According to Del Toro, he and Mignola worked up a new story together which explored "a lot of elements he [Mignola] has been keen to explore in the future of HB." Del Toro also tossed out a bit of a teaser by promising Abe Sapien fans the character would play a pivotal dramatic role in the new film.

I am sure I'll be happy with any story that gets chosen for the new film, so long as Mignola remains attached to the process. Like Frank Miller with Sin City, I have complete faith in Mignola to create wonderful new stories for his universe, and I look forward to seeing a sequel.
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