Bonne Pioche, the production team that made the whole world fall in love with penguins, are at it again. After following up March of the Penguins with The Fox & the Child, another (semi-)documentary about animals as well a nature series (presumably for French television), the team is heading in a different direction by taking on documentaries that feature actual human beings. Just in the planning stages is an untitled, satirical documentary about Jacques Chirac (prediction: when it comes out, the American press will insist on calling it "France's Fahrenheit 9/11!"), but they've already begun shooting Amen Birdmen: Across the Atlantic here in the US.

Though it initially sounds like another, more devout take on birdy migration, the film in fact is a documentary about the efforts of a French band (Amen Birdmen who, based on their Myspace page, sing in English and really, really love Pearl Jam) to make it in the US. Their tour is already underway and, since the Penguins crew have unrestricted access to the band and everything they do, they'll be well-prepared no matter how the tour goes. At this point, of course, there's no way of knowing if the movie will chronicle the rapid ascendancy of some foreign rockers to the top of the American charts (yeah, that'll happen), or merely "capture their Icarus-like fall." Either way, producer Yves Darondeau has the perfect tagline: "In a country where even french fries are ridiculed, does a French rock band even stand a chance?" Hee. And no.
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