Here's a quickie for you DC fans.X-Menmovie writer Simon Kinberg has a good relationship with the fans over at the XVerse Community Message Boards. He stops in from time to time to answer questions and discuss his opinions - primarily on his work with X-Men, but really on any subject that's thrown at him. You can swing over there to read his thoughts on the filming of X3; but in the meantime let me fill you in on a very interesting comment he made regarding a Green Lantern movie. In answer to a GL question, Kinberg confirmed that Warner Brothers is actively developing the feature (not secret knowledge by any means), but he went on to indicate that the WB people are so high on the project's potential that they're already discussing trilogy possibilities.

It shouldn't be a surprise; we all know that successful properties are almost immediately considered for enfranchisement, and super hero properties - thanks to their built in fan base and nearly unending well of characters and story lines - seem custom made for sequel potential. However, it is nonetheless pleasing to know that Warner Brothers has an active interest in the project. I've got my fingers crossed for a Hal Jordan lantern myself. Of course, who knows - maybe a trilogy would allow for some crazy Green Lantern Corps action.
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