Ok, I'm a huge hypocrite. Every time a remake shows up in the news, I get angry and depressed, and you guys have to listen to it. But now I read about a movie version of Welcome Back, Kotter (Which is sort of a remake, right? It, too, finds an established story and cast and decides that it just wasn't good enough the first time around.), and I find myself giggling with glee. Why the excitement, you ask? Well, apart from the fact that I'm sort of a sucker for anything cultural that reminds me of being a kid (Yes, including parachute pants.), the revelation that ICE CUBE IS GOING TO PLAY MR. KOTTER is more than enough to make my day.

Apart from Cube's mere presence, there are a few other details about the project that suggest it might not suck. First of all, he loves the show, which hopefully means he'll be eager to do it justice. Additionally, since the rights are held in part by Gabe Kaplan (aka Mr. Kotter himself) who has long-resisted a movie version of the show, the fact that he's OKed this project suggests that he's pleased with the approach (either that or The Weinsteins broke the bank to get him on board). The only major flaw so far is that Tom Brady (the guy who wrote and directed The Hot Chick, not the quarterback) is both penning the script and directing the film, but I'm choosing to ignore that troubling news and assuming instead that the movie is going to be a little bit of brilliance. Assuming, of course, that Rob Schneider doesn't show up in any capacity.
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