Because they'd rather deal with piracy than address dwindling audiences and shrinking box office receipts (Really, can you blame them? It's to hard find anyone to arrest because audiences are small, while pirates are everywhere!), the MPAA, the National Association of Theatre Owners, the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association and the Motion Picture Theatre Associations of Canada have come together to...create a website! Woo hoo!

Announced yesterday at ShoWest, was designed to train theater employees to spot people with camcorders and stone them with Whoppers stop their piracy mid-stream. In addition to telling employees what to look for and how to proceed when they spot a pirate (just so you know, you should NOT "Grab the recording device out of the suspect's hand"), the site also publicizes a rewards program that was initiated last year by the MPAA and NATO. Under the program, employees who "stop theft" get $500/incident - there's a downloadable form to claim the reward and everything. However, since last year there were 69 incidents and only 30 rewards given out, it sounds like you theater employees need to read the rules damn carefully before trying to do any enforcing. Otherwise, all you'll get for your trouble is a whack with a tripod, which totally isn't worth $8 an hour.

[via THR]