Mmm...odds and ends.
  • According to none other than the nephew of Miles Davis himself (Yeah, nephews aren't necessarily that close, I know. So sue me - I'm trying to lend this thing a little credence.), Sony is currently "working on" a movie about Uncle Miles' life. Mr. Nephew claims that the studio is accepting scripts as we speak, and suggested that Antoine Fuqua might be directing Don Cheadle in the film. Whether Sony has even heard of this alleged project, however, has not yet been revealed.
  • A travel agency in Taiwan is offering package holidays to Fort Macleod in Southern Alberta, Canada, the location that stood in for Wyoming in a little picture called Brokeback Mountain. (Needless to say, the advertising materials probably mention the movie once or twice.) Now, don't worry - people of any and all sexual orientations are welcome on the trip. That said, if you're gay and can prove it (disappointingly, there no indication of what that would entail), you get $200 off the regular price. Score!
  • Remember the huge warehouse fire last fall that destroyed much of the history of Aardman Animation? Well, the company has finally receive their insurance money (over half a million pounds in total), and how the payment breaks down is fascinating. The ORIGINAL MODELS OF WALLACE AND GROMIT (that's history right there, kids), for example, were worth just £6000 pounds together, with Wallace coming in at £4000, twice the value of his trusty companion. Are these people mad? Why, Gromit's brain alone is far more valuable than everything Wallace is and owns. I mean, have insurers never seen themovies?
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