The first ten minutes are the funniest part of Live Free or Die, a comedy about one of the dumbest criminals ever. In the opening sequence, we see Rugged (Aaron Stanford) stealing quarters out of a paper stand-up for charity, pocketing a pack of rebate coupons for vodka and then covertly ripping bar codes of the backs of the bottles, and trying to sell "stolen" speakers out of the back of his van (it turns out he buys the speakers himself, but figures people will pay more for hot goods). I couldn't stop laughing.

Unfortunately, Live Free or Die doesn't sustain the goofy momentum of the opening sequence. The story sets up Rugged as a legendary criminal, the New Hampshire equivalent of Clyde Barrow, and flashes back to show how he earned that reputation. He teams up with his old clam-shack coworker Lagrand (Paul Schneider), who never seems to have a grasp of what's going on. Most of their crimes are inadvertent, and of course nothing goes the way Rugged plans.