Whoa. Gregg Araki, best known for serious, frequently haunting looks at American youth in films like Mysterious Skin and The Doom Generation, is making a "stoner comedy" called Smiley Face. In another break for his usual pattern, Araki will be working for someone else's screenplay for the first time - the script was written by Dylan Haggerty, and is about an actress/slacker who accidentally eats a pot brownie. Jesus, seriously? Hasn't this been the plot for enough sitcoms that it doesn't need a full, 90-minute treatment?

The stoned actress will be played by Scary Movie queen Anna Faris, and she's joined in the cast by John Krasinski (Jim from The Office), John Cho, and Jane Lynch. The movie, which is being produced by First Look and Anonymous Content, goes into production this week - hopefully, Araki can work some of his demented magic on the thing and save it from cliche hell.
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