A whole lot has happened to Hong Kong action director Johnnie To in the past 24 hours, and the likelihood is that he didn't even notice. To start things off, a small item appeared in a Hong Kong tabloid yesterday, announcing that To was going to direct a remake of John Woo's seminal Hard-Boiled. In the US. With its original star, Chow Yun-Fat, on board. Needless to say, certain Asian-film-loving corners of the internet erupted in a vivid mixture of disgust and disbelief. But, before anyone even had a chance to get really worked up, To's denial to the Hong Kong Sun was reported everywhere this morning (he also took the opportunity to make it clear that he's considering lots and lots of projects in Hollywood, thanks very much). So it's all cleared up, right?

Not so fast. It turns out that the quotes in the Chinese-language Sun actually came from an assistant, not from To himself. Not only that, but the assistant ended his statement with what is surely one of the top 10 most cryptic "denials" in film history: "There are still no answers about those questions: when will the Hard-Boiled remake begin filming, which US actor will star in the Hard-Boiled remake, which company will finance the Hard Boiled remake...Because the script of the Hard-Boiled remake is still not finished." Got it. So it's not happening, the non-script isn't done, and the non-movie isn't cast yet. Er, what?
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