Look everybody - Kanye West's ego is making a movie! While his concept - a series of interconnected stories directed by different people - is a cool one, the fact that the stories are all required to be "inspired by his music" is more than a little repellent. Oh, and he's also going to be in the movie. Of course he is. Dude, you're an undeniably talented rapper/producer/guy who apparently is also interested in film. Right on. So why not, you know, act in some movies - or, hell, even direct some no-budget flick, if that's what you're interested in - before decided to take over the world?

That said, however, West can't really be blamed for getting paid. I mean, if the people at Anonymous Content and New Line want to finance a movie based on his music, what's he going to do, say no? At the moment it's thought that the film - "a multiperspective portrait of the U.S." - will be in the hands of six different writers and 10-12 directors, all of whom will be overseen by George C. Wolfe, who is acting a sort of creative director.
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