Action has recently started up on the set of the new Harry Potterflick - and information is now beginning to emerge in what is sure to be the first small rocks of an impending avalanche of Potter news. I know we just got through with the last Potter blitz, but rabid fans are no doubt already anxious for news on their boy Harry, and we are here to please. Empire Online recently dug into the Potter events, and they share some rather interesting information. According to producer David Heyman, the shooting thus far has concentrated mostly on a few action shots - namely, some stuff involving the centaurs and Grawp. Heyman said this of course involves a lot of blue screen work, but indicated the young actors are more than up to the task after the work they've done for the previous films.

Regarding the vast size of the fifth novel, Heyman expressed his displeasure with having to make cuts or changes, but assured fans that it was a great script stamped with author JK Rowling's seal of approval. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry, in case you somehow didn't know) has said he is very excited about the project, as the fifth book is actually his favorite of the series thus far. He and Heyman agree that while Harry is an emotionally charged character in the novel due to his teen angst, he will come across as more than just a whiny teen in the film. Radcliffe credited the new director David Yates, praising him for his ability to explore Harry's emotional and psychological journey. In fact, both Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have nothing but good things to say about the new man in charge...which hopefully bodes well for the fifth installment in the film franchise.
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