Ok, first of all, I had no idea that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was even alive, let alone negotiating to make movies. Hearing this is like being told that Dostoevsky is still around, or something. I mean, I knew that Solzhenitsyn was a fairly modern figure, but there are just certain people whose names are said with such reverence that, you know, you figure they must be dead. Anyway. Solzhenitsyn's not - not only is the guy alive (he's 87), but he's makin' deals and Euros, apparently. A television adaptation of his novel The First Circle aired in Russia earlier this year, and its success has studios circling his other works in hopes of a screen deal.

Though the First Circle director has acknowledged that it would be nearly impossible to get anyone to finance a movie of The Gulag Archipelago (Solzhenitsyn's most famous novel, and the one that earned him both exile and a treason charge) because the book's incredibly grim subject matter would essentially drive audiences away, it seems as if his Cancer Ward is a more plausible option. Because instead of being about the gulag, it's an uplifting little "metaphor for the disease of totalitarianism", cloaked in a "story of life in a poor country's ward for terminally ill cancer patients." Gee, I wonder if Rachel McAdams is available.

According to the writer's wife, negotiations at this point are in the earliest of stages.
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