A The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole movie! Woo hoo! Honestly, I'm really surprised it took this long - as Variety points out, the book, in addition to spawning about three billion sequels, has also been the source for two TV series and a stage musical that played London's West End. Who would would have thought that film would be last medium to take on the story? For those of you who totally missed out, Sue Townsend's The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 is a hilarious young-adult novel (and it's more than appropriate for the old-adult, thanks very much) about the "delightfully self-centered" Adrian Mole as he struggles through adolescence in 1980s, working-class England. As previously mentioned, the book's popularity led Townsend to write a series of sequels (of varying quality) that take Adrian well into adulthood, but it sounds like only the rights to the first book have been acquired.

Newcomer Bradley Wood wrote the screenplay, and Fortress Entertainment has hired Nigel Cole (A Lot Like Love, Calendar Girls) to direct. When the fun will really start, of course, is at casting time - I'm having visions of an open English casting call, complete with lines fill of zitty, awkward teenage hopefuls.

[via Coming Soon]
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