Holy crap! Am I the only person who didn't know you could make millions of dollars selling weed? It doesn't matter, really, because soon, everyone will know: HBO Films is producing a movie based on the story of a group of teenagers in Idaho who did just that. Entitled King Cannabis, the movie will likely focus on Nate Norman, a kid who went from pizza delivery guy to drug kingpin (and is now doing 12 years in federal prison). With his friends, Norman made $38 million -- selling pot. Either they smoke an insane amount of marijuana in Idaho, or my concept of how much the stuff costs is way, WAY off. John Stockwell (of crazy/beautiful and Blue Crush "fame") will base his screenplay on one of the many magazine articles about the group, and is planning to direct, as well.

So, basically, what we have here is a Risky Business for the 21st century: how I made big bucks, met ladies, and had tons of fun doing illegal things. Sure, this one includes a long prison sentence, but still - think of the money! Who wants to place bets on how many idiot stoner kids will take this as a how-to and get arrested within weeks of the film's release? Anyone?
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