In order to help potential immigrants pass a strict new entrance examination, the Dutch government is now putting a DVD called To the Netherlands in the study packets they give to those interested in moving to the Netherlands. Because the new test requires not only some knowledge of Dutch, but also an understanding of the country's liberal values, the DVD includes representative images of those values - and that's where the problem lies. Though they make up only a few minutes of the DVD's two hour running time, the presence of footage of topless sun bathers and two men kissing has outraged opponents of the new immigration policy, who believe those images were inserted primarily to shock Muslims, and keep them out of the country.

Needless to say, immigration officials deny the charges, and in fact have made an edited version of the film without that footage for citizen of Muslim countries where even looking at images of nude women is prohibited. Opponents counter with the fact that homosexuality is discussed on the edited discs, and believe that alone will be enough to keep some devout Muslims from emigrating.
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