Evan Almighty, about which I am irrationally excited (Never saw the original. Never interested in it. Not a huge Steve Carell fan. And yet? Woo hoo, Evan Almighty! Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either.), has finally found Carell's leading lady. Which is good, since the movie is already shooting. Evan's wife will be played by poker goddess and Gilmore GirlLauren Graham, an actress who definitely deserves this sort of exposure. To this point, most of her movie work has been in independent and smaller projects, so this will be a way for those among you who foolishly refuse to watch The WB to see how fantastic she really is. Also just added to the cast was John Goodman, who will be play "a congressman who mentors [Evan]."

Apparently in the sequel, Evan has made the thankfully rather unusual transition from TV anchorman to politician, and somehow earns an audience with Morgan Freeman/God. As you may recall from earlier discussions of the film here, God tells Evan to built an ark, and hilarity ensues. Said hilarity is due to hit screens in June of 2007.
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