Just the other day Karina reported on the Landmark Business Panel at SXSW, where Landmark honcho Todd Wagner waxed eloquent on his company's big plans to shake up the world of movie distribution by looking at what customers want and giving it to them. Now GreenCine (whose Daily GreenCine blog we frequently link to here on Cine, because they have some good stuff to read there), which has made a name for itself by focusing primarily on the niche indie market with Rent-by-Mail and Video-on-Demand, is diving headfirst into the murky space of DVD sales of mainstream films. In a press release, GreenCine proudly proclaims this move the "first time in history that a vendor has offered all three services from the same location".

Now, I have to admit, my initial reaction to this announcement was lukewarm. Not because I don't like GreenCine - I do (full disclosure - I subscribe to GreenCine and regularly check out DVDs from them). GreenCine has built its solid rep in the world of indie and foreign films, and I can find titles there I can't find anywhere else (even if they still don't offer Forgiveness, one of my favorite films from last year's Seattle International Film Festival, and if they don't add it soon I may be forced to just order the damn thing from South-freaking-Africa myself and suck up the $30 in shipping costs).


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