Here's a fairly cool idea: William Hurt as the evil Kevin Costner. Not that they look alike or anything - actually, maybe I just like the idea of Hurt being evil. Apparently I'm not the only one who likes it, because that seems to be the plot of Mr. Brooks, a psychological thriller that MGM is planning to start shooting next month. Costner's character (he's Brooks) is described as "a tortured man who tries to be disciplined and remain in control," while Hurt, though it doesn't sound like he's, you know, sitting on Costner's shoulder with horns and a tails, nevertheless somehow represents his dark side - the one that likes "murder and mayhem." Whoa. Costner's always been a solid actor when he doesn't try to do idiotic things, and there's a creepy menace to Hurt no matter what he's doing that could be used to great effect here - call me crazy, but this sounds promising.

The movie was written and will be directed by Bruce Evans, the crowning achievement of whose writing career is still Stand By Me. Which is great and all, but since it was made 20 years ago, pointing at it as the most current reason to respect his work means we're overlooking a lot of crap. Like the hideous Kuffs, for example, which was his only other attempt to both write and direct. Yeah. You see now why it's best to go all the way back to Stand By Me.
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