It's better belated than never ... and last Saturday marked Cinematical's first birthday. And to celebrate the times (come on!), we're having a little contest where you get the birthday present. See, we've got a $200 gift certificate to give away ... and we're going to give it to someone who shows us what a huge part of their life film is with a picture of their movie-themed life and stuff. Maybe you have that illegal, no-licencing-fee-has-ever-been-paid-to-the-man Christopher Walken action figure you keep hidden away out of sight; possibly you have a sweet framed Breakfast at Tiffany's original one-sheet poster you've kept since you were a little girl. Or maybe you just have so many damn movies in your apartment it looks like one wall is insulated entirely by DVD cases from Criterion. Or you dressed up as Lloyd Dobler for Halloween, and have a photo complete with boombox hoisted overhead. Whatever it may be, mail it to us, and a panel of judges including myself, Associate Editor Kim Voynar and East Coast Editor Martha Fischer will name a winner on March 25th. Just a few rules:

  1. Keep it Real. No photoshop, no fakery.
  2. Contest is open to anyone, anywhere. Unless you work for Cinematical or Weblogs, Inc.
  3. Enter by dropping your pictures of your memorabilia in comments, or email your pictures in to james.rocchi (at) cinematical (dot) com, subject "Birthday" (no quotes).
  4. Be creative, and have fun!
  5. You've got until 11:59PM  EST Thursday March 23 to enter your photo.
Any questions, let us know. And yeah, I so have one of those Walken doll ... I mean, action figures.