Several years ago, executives at Prelude Pictures came across a screenplay they loved. Entitled The Heart of Man, it was a essentially a biopic about John Newton, an 18th century figure who lived a fairly incredibly life (To sum up: he was forced into the British navy, fled the British Navy, was enslaved upon capture, piloted a slave ship, crusaded against slavery, and wrote Amazing Grace. Whew.). The people at Prelude thought the story would be perfect for their faith-oriented collaboration with Mandalay Entertainment, and were desperate to produce it. The problem was that the script's first page - and thus the the name of the author(s) - was missing, and since the screenplay wasn't registered with the Writers Guild of America, it was impossible to find the writer. Yes, this really happened.

There is, however, a happy ending to the story: with the help of the ubiquitous Walden Media, Prelude eventually tracked down the writers (Lisa and Eric Rice), optioned the script, and have put the film into development. Let his be a lesson, kids: when you write a screenplay and start sending it out, register the damn thing! Otherwise, you could miss out on your Big Break and never even know it. And that would be sad.
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