Remember way back in 1984, when a young Demi Moore played Michael Caine's daughter in Blame it on Rio? (Believe me, Roger Ebert does. I think he's still pissed off about that movie.) Well, the wait is finally over for all 12 of you who have been hoping against hope that they'd one day team up again: the pair has signed on to costar in director Michael Radford's Flawless - and this time, they won't be related. Nudge nudge.

In the movie, Caine plays a pissed off janitor at a jewelry store (You already know where this is going, don't you?) who spends a lot of his time dreaming about pulling a heist, and walking away with the shop's entire inventory. Lucky for both him and the movie, he runs into Moore, who is also pissed off. She's an executive whose progress upward within in her company (presumably the same one that employs Caine) has been "stymied by the old boys' network." Together, they make robbery magic. Flawlessly, of course. The film, which is set in 60s London and, as a result, suddenly sounds much more appealing, is due to begin filming later this month.
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