Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. We all knew that, one day, we'd have to stop imagining the greatness that would be Snakes on a Plane, and be forced to submit to how the movie actually was going to look. Well, friends, I'm in mourning, because that day is here. No more pretending that it's going to be hilarious, campy fun. No more mental images of a plane, waist-deep in snakes. No more joy. No more fun. From now on, it's just real footage of crappy, fake snakes, bad acting, and the creeping realization that the movie was always going to suck, and not even in a fun way.

Now, this isn't the full trailer or anything, so maybe I'm wrong - perhaps those reshoots Erik told us about are going to kick the whole thing up about 100 notches and turn it into the rocking flick of our collective imaginations. Right now, though? I gotta be honest. I feel like I might cry.

[via JoBlo]
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